Daughter of the House – Toronto 2008
Set in Dublin in the 1950’s the story concerns a young woman who wants to follow her boyfriend to Canada, but confirms that her siblings consider it to be a foolish move on her part, especially inconsiderate from their point of view as they have been relying on her to care for their mother in her old age.

The Lonely Ones Trafalgar 24 at Trafalgar Castle, Whitby (2009)**
A modern day assignation with the ghost of the original owner of Trafalgar Castle

The Survivors Trafalgar 24 at Trafalgar Castle, Whitby (2010)**
A short conversation between two English girls harboured by the Toronto Ladies College in Trafalgar Castle during World War II.

Betwixt and Between – Trafalgar 24 at Trafalgar Castle, Whitby (2012)**

Can dreams tell us who we truly are?  Can two mature people re-invent themselves together?


**for Driftwood Theatre Company


The Tin Whistle – A look into a small fraction of the lives of four homeless people in a downtown city’s core.

The Whispering Land – A young man has returned home to the farm that he left some years ago and everyone wonders Why?

Two Steps or The Communion of Saints – Who ever said we live in two separate worlds?



Dry Tinder – An old romance rekindled?

Otherworlds – The problems of young students and their professors.
Originally produced in Kansas City, Mo., it was discussed at the Mid-America Theatre Conference in Chicago, 2006.
The Croquet Game – Is she or is she not ready to go into an old folks home?

Thresholds – A visit from the ageless Cailleach

Troubles with Props and Pests – A ghostly divertissement

Vacancies – Is it only the land that’s vacant?


Byron Toben presented a play reading of The Search for Eileen Sullivan, Third Place winner in a contest for a one-act play on the Irish Diaspora in North America, on July 6th, 2011, at Concordia University in Montreal.  This reading was made possible with the support of Concordia’s School of Irish Studies. Thanks are also due to the Quebec Drama Federation.


Lucy Brennan has been asked to participate as a Playwright each year for three separate years in Trafalgar 24, Driftwood Theatre’s extravaganza at Trafalgar Castle in Whitby.  As one of the playwrights, she was required to be at the Castle at 10.00pm.  She, and the other five playwrights, stay in the ghostly mansion overnight and each are required to have a ten-minute play completed by 6.00am the following morning.  Then the directors and actors take these plays and are required to have them ready for performance by 6.00pm that evening.  The audience (always a capacity audience of just under 300) arrive at 6.30pm for a gala wine and cheese reception and tour the castle to watch all six plays in various locations and eventually vote on their favourite(s).  The 24 hours finish off with another reception and the most fabulous dessert spread you have ever seen or tasted.  Did I mention a Silent Auction thrown in?  This is Driftwood’s main fundraiser for their outdoor performances of Shakespeare’s plays on the Bard’s Bus Tour around the province all summer.